A day in Hong Kong

Wake up at:

Hotel Icon, 17 Science Museum Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong
Honestly, that’s one of the best city hotels I’ve been lately. I was really impressed with the quality and effort they put into their services to make your stay as comfortable as possible. No surprise, that the Icon has won the Travellers’ Choice Award more than once and is actually teaching students and built as research hotel for the School of Hotel and Tourism Management in Hong Kong.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind after a day of exploring dazzling Hong Kong, then this is the perfect hotel for you. The Icon is all about the little details and let me tell you something, there’s not one thing you will miss in your room. They really thought of everything you might have forgotten or might need on a city trip. I’d recommend paying the upgrade to get club benefits. It gives you access to the above & beyond restaurant on the 28th floor where you can enjoy your breakfast exclusively with a breathtaking view of Hong Kongs skyline. Order the dumpling platter for breakfast, you won’t regret it! The freshly made dumplings are divine. Enjoy daily complimentary afternoon tea and cocktails with delicious treats and snacks. Not enough? The mini bar is complimentary as well…

There’s also a beautiful spa, outdoor pool and gym area from where you can overlook the city. Great to chill out after a day of exploring or when rain hits the city. What concerns the location of the hotel, it’s located on Kowloon Peninsula, which is the most populous urban area in Hong Kong and what makes it so interesting. For those who want to stay in the Central district of Hong Kong on Hong Kong Island, this might sound inconvenient. But I’ve enjoyed Kowloon area more than Central. I found it to be more authentic and less touristy and you have very easy access to Hong Island by ferry, which leaves on time and runs very often. You’ll never have to wait for very long. The hotel is in easy walking distance from East Tsim Sha Tsui East underground station from where you get to Central within minutes and which is very well connected to any other place you may want to visit. There’s also a shuttle bus from the hotel which brings you to the underground station and the shopping district of Kowloon.

It’s impressive how a city with such a big population handles public transport so well and efficient.

Eat at:

Din Tai Fung Hong Kong, at four different locations
Easy and quick restaurant to have lunch. We tried a bunch of dumplings, fried rice and buns. Everything was yum!

Yum Cha, in Tsim Sha Tsui and Central
This place was such a cool experience. Everything is delish but the cute custard buns are a must (addictive!) This place not only has delicious food but its interior is really pretty, what you don’t expect when you enter the building. This place was full, so get ready to line up or just book beforehand.

And of course, try one of the many food stalls in the busy streets of colorful Hong Kong.

If you’d prefer Western Cuisine:
Tapas Bar in Kowloon
Enjoy delicious tapas and wine at this cozy little bar. Nice bar with a chilled atmosphere if you’re looking for a light dinner in a casual setting.

You’ll find many many options of great western restaurants, especially in Central.


There are so many things to explore in Hong Kong. I would say the best thing is to stroll around the city and get lost. But here some of the many things you can do:

  • Take the tram up to Victoria Peak and take some great shots from what I’d say is one of the most amazing skylines in the world
  • Watch the Symphony of Lights from Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and walk the promenade
  • Take the ferry ride from Kowloon to Central or a boat cruise around Victoria Harbour
  • Ride the Central to Mid-Levels Escalators, which is the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system stretching for over 800-metres and rising 135-metres through the streets of a steep hillside linking these districts of Hong Kong Island
  • Visit Kowloon, stroll around the streets
  • Check out 1881 Heritage (Hong Kong’s cultural landmark and high-end shopping mall)
  • Take a tram ride around Central

Shop around:

  • Mon Kok (Ladies Market – be prepared; it can get very crowded!)
  • Landmark
  • Harbour City
  • Area around Times Square
  • Central area

I was overall very impressed by the efficiency of this city despite its dense population as well as its breathtaking skyline. I’ll definitely be back!


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