The prettiest brunch place…

First of all, I wanna share with you some pictures of the delicious food and coffee we had on this beautiful Sunday brunch date in Alexandria. Let me assure you, not only is this place the prettiest coffee place I’ve ever been too, no. The food was actually really yummy as well. So I definitely ticked off all the boxes I require for a beautiful brunch spot. But this place isn’t just a brunch spot, it really is an experience!

No surprise this place was one of the most Instagrammed places of 2015. Everything is so beautifully arranged, colorful and happy!

The cafe has its own bakery and patisserie. Adjoining you will find the restaurant The Potting Shed or shall I rather say marvellous garden. You will sit amid flowers, plants and pots. Hard to describe, you have to experience it yourself. Enjoy a meal or just try a refreshing cocktail or one of their delicious fruit juices. No, that’s not all there is. Around you will find as well a market, several stands where you can get homemade lemonade, freshly prepared doughnuts and other treats and, and, and…

I wasn’t there for the last time, that’s for sure! Definitely worth a visit and don’t forget to take your camera…






The Grounds, Alexandria

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