Homemade almond milk – nothing as simple as that!

I used to buy almond milk, but it can get quite pricey and sometimes you get only some options with added flavours, sugars or preservatives in it. As the milk is heated in order to make it long lasting most nutrients are getting lost. Therefore, I like to make my own almond milk. It is fun making it as you can adjust it to your preferences and it is so so simple to make it. You just need a blender, almonds and water.

  • Get organic almonds (2oog almonds and 1l of water but this depends on how you like the consistency of the milk)
  • Soak the almonds in water overnight
  • Drain the almonds and blend them with fresh water until the almonds are very fine
  • Filter the almond milk through a fine filter in order to get only the liquid in your glass bottle or any other container which you can seal
  • Sweeten and add any flavour you like
  • Add additional water if you like the consistency to be more liquid or take less water to make it more creamy…you have to try what is your favourite consistency.

The milk can be stored in the fridge for 3-4 days.

You can dry the leftover almond meal in the oven and use it in your porridge, muesli or use it to bake any other almond sweets.


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