How Lemon helps to kick start your day?

You often get sick during the cold winter months? You’re feeling weak and tired? Here’s my favorite tip to increase your daily well-being by adding a lemon to your morning routine:

  • Slice a lemon into thin layers and put it in a small container
  • Coat the slices with honey
  • Place the container in the fridge overnight
  • Next day when you get up, take one slice and eat it including peel, first thing on an empty stomach
  • Take 2-3 spoons of the liquid that has built up in the container and put it in a lukewarm glass of water or even boil some hot water if you prefer and make it a lemon tea

You will be surprised on how this will give you an energy boost to kick start your day!

Nice to know:
Your body absorbs the vitamin c contained in the lemon effectively in the morning, which gives a kick to your immune system. The warm water helps your body to reactivate after your sleep and improves your digestion throughout the day and your metabolism. Lemon also helps your liver to set free toxins.

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