A day in… Zurich

Wake up at:

**** Storchen, Widder
*** Helvetia, Marktgasse, Kindli, Seefeld
** Gasthaus zum guten Glück, NI-Mo

Eat at:

Bebek (Libanese), Miracle (Italian), Hiltl (Vegetarian), Tiffins (Thai), Yojis Sushi Deli, Brasserie Schiller, Jack & Jo (Healthy Burgers), Strudelhaus (daily baked savoury & sweet strudels), Roots (Açai Bowls, Smoothies and all the good stuff)…

Coffee & Sweets at:

Z am Park (I believe they have the best latte in town), Bovelli, Kafi Dihei, Kafi für Dich, Hiltl Dachterasse, Cakefriends, Bohemia, Sprüngli, Cafe New Zealand, Stanza, John Baker, Bank, Vicafe (best coffee on the go)

Stroll around:

Niederdorf / Oberdorf (old town with cute little streets and shops), walk along the lake and the Limmat river, Lindenhof, take a boat ride, Rieterpark, Pfadiweg…

Shop around:

Kreis 4 (cute little speciality shops and local designer stores), Niederdorf, Viadukt and Markthalle, Sihlcity, Bahnhofstrasse if you fancy more luxurious shopping…

♥ I love Zurich and you’ll love it too! ♥

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